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“A name makes no matter to me, as long as I can call you my own.”
~A Knight’s Tale~

Your Story

I am immeasurable,
I am more,
beyond what you’ve seen before.

I am incomplete
until you pen me
inky on your sheet.

I am ready to play
as your thoughts convey,
putty in your hand,
I’m your clay.

I am not safe
until you put me
in my place.

I am the waking dead,
forever misled.

I erode in your dreams,
still nothing seems
to quench my fiery flames,
until you give me my name.

I’ll continue to be
that pebble in your shoe,
taunting you
until, you let me
bend and break free,
to become all I yearn to be.

Your thoughts pen me
write me,
set me free.

I am your story.


Written for the Sunday Whirl 132 based on these 12 words.


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