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American blue beauty

dressed naturally

cotton soft

store bought

comfortable true

everyone is eyeing you

made to believe

not fake

even if there is a hint of spandex

encased in the weaves of your threads

spend a fortune on the latest fashion

just to be hip

ready for action

these blue beauties grew up

from the ground now

watch them spin round and round

the washing machine and dryer

starch and iron them

so they’ll stand up straighter

faded holes

cut off to show

only the parts that a lover needs to know

these denim jeans aren’t fit for the queen yet

in America they are seen on every television screen

screaming of freedom and wealth

look at the piles on The Gap’s store shelf

stacked so neat and pretty

but finding and fitting

your size as the manufactures fib

on the real size that they cut each year

it’s quite clear that they make numbers up

just so Americans will spend big bucks

on the latest and greatest blue

dreaming jeans