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The box. Beautifully wrapped laying on our bed. It shocked me to see such beauty waiting for me. I almost didn’t want to disturb the paper and bows so intricately wrapped but your instructions said, “Put it on my beautiful one, I want to see you move and bring to life the room when you walk in. I love you- forever and always. Until…” I knew your words were not just words, they were you, pure and true. So I opened the box.

treasures found
in words of love
wrapped in layers of more than paper

My eyes widened as I lifted the dress, oh the dress, out of the box. Perfect! You knew exactly what would move my soul, my heart, my body….you knew. Touching its beauty, I knew this dress was made for me. As if it was an extension of me. I slipped it on feeling as if there was a piece of my soul connected to it. As it caressed my skin, I tingled. Life forces moved inside of me that are unexplainable. I felt like a new woman. Secretly my mind moved through our evening and back to our bedroom, where this dress would be removed by you. You and I would dance another dance that only two lovers can remember yet conjure up. Our romance.

second skin
caressing from the outside in
lover’s dance

I twirled and danced in our bedroom just for a minute longer. Slipping my shoes on, I was almost ready for our night. Music, wine, hors d’ oeuvres, several courses in our meal and then dancing. The public dance of us, long lovers still in love. You called me from downstairs, “Are you ready, my love?” “Yes.” I said descending to the bottom of the stairs. You said, “Stand there. I want to see you in the light and I want to capture this moment.” Grabbing your camera, you told me to open the dress and dance for you now. Of course, I did.


The Dress 335 words
An experiment of prose and haiku combined