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This afternoon I am alone.
My heart’s cry moves me to this rock where I am able to sit and think, letting all of the cares of my world shrink.
In a moment of silence, I close my eyes.
Gazing deep inside I see the ocean’s tides rise high.
The waves are speaking to me in languages that I understand fluently.
The crashing thunderous explosions of the waves circulate and crest into the rock that I sit upon. In a whoosh, the waves tell me tales of days long ago and of the passionate nights of many a soul. The messages float to the surface from the deep. Calling out my heart listens intently.

Relaxing alone
Ocean waves
Speak to my soul

The ocean calls my name, over and over again and again, beckoning me to dive in.
Yes, I must move on my impulses by giving into the calls.
Obligingly I remove my dress and undergarments.
I sink into the warmth of the ocean’s currents.
I dance and move to the musical tones of the waves ebb and flow.
Back and forth gently I twirl without stopping.
The movements of the ocean in me and with me are natural, soft and deep.
I’m in a trance-like dream, eyes wide open.
I am one with the ocean.

Naked inside and out
To the music of the ocean’s love

The music of the waves play for what feels like hours but I realize it has only been a few minutes.
Abruptly the music stops.
Not a sound to be found.
The silence is begetting.
I desired for the ocean to continue to speak to me.
The undiscovered words peaked my curiosity.
I longed to stay, for my soul to be flooded once again.
I knew that it was time to go.
As I returned to the surface out of the depth of darkness, the waves gently splashed at my feet and water dripped down my thigh, reminding me of the entranced moments of being one with the ocean.

Picture by Suzanne

Dancing With The Ocean
341 words
Written for Haibun Challenge Picture Prompt