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Write your words across my heart!

Morning Pages…

Every morning I write 3 handwritten pages, and have since I was introduced to “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron on January 18th of this year.
This habit is the beginning of where I am today.
I have always had a ‘Journal’ or kept thoughts in notebooks, but this is NOT what Morning Pages are to me.

Stream of conscious writing…

Julia says, “I have crawled out of lovers’ beds to sneak off and write.”, in her book, “The Right To Write”.
I can fully relate to this concept.
Nothing will pull me away from this habit.

Getting the junk out so you can create…

I am far from where I want to be as a human being who creates but, I do know if I didn’t get the ‘junk’ out of my head first thing every morning, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

The Artist’s Way…

Pick up a copy of “The Artist’s Way” and join me on a 12 week journey towards nurturing, discovering and/or recovering your creative self through this spiritual path to higher creativity for 2014.

A new blog to focus on The Artist’s Way Journey…

A Creative Space | Let’s Create Together
This blog will be open soon!
I hope you will join me!